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Shj Industrial Area

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Sharjah Industrial Area in sharjah  City near Industrial Police Station 

Sharjah Industrial Area Information

Sharjah Industrial Area, a hive of activity nestled within the emirate of Sharjah, pulsates with the rhythm of progress and production. Imagine towering factories and sprawling warehouses lining wide, well-maintained roads, humming with the energy of diverse industries. Forklifts dart between buildings, while skilled workers ensure the smooth operation of machinery, contributing to the emirate’s economic backbone.

Established in the 1970s, the area has evolved into a global player, attracting businesses from across the world. Steel refineries, pharmaceutical plants, and food processing facilities stand shoulder-to-shoulder, each contributing to the UAE’s diversification efforts. The air thrums with the collective hum of machinery, punctuated by the occasional clang of metal and the steady beep of forklifts.

Beyond its industrial might, Sharjah Industrial Area fosters a spirit of community. Dedicated zones cater to specific needs, while support services ensure businesses thrive. Educational institutions equip workers with the necessary skills, and residential areas nearby provide comfortable housing for employees and their families.

Sharjah Industrial Area is more than just a collection of factories; it’s a testament to the emirate’s vision for progress. It’s a place where innovation meets industry, where diverse cultures collaborate, and where the wheels of progress turn, shaping the future of Sharjah and the UAE.

Shj Industrial Area

Eco-chic cushions, pup-proof love. Sustainable style, guilt-free bliss. Thanks for the win!

Kamila . K ( Home Owner Shj Industrial Area)

Shj Industrial Area

Spilled wine? No sweat! Pet claws got you down? Chair Upholstery  saved my sanity and sofa! ✨

Abdullah. O ( Home Owner Shj Industrial Area)

Shj Industrial Area

From beige bore to sleek leather roar! My living room finally found its mojo. Cheers!

Anne. K ( Home Owner Shj Industrial Area)

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